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Week 8

Can you believe we are already on week 8, and that’s its already almost October?! The 3rd and 4th graders worked on the last parts of their magnet unit, and had a chance to learn about compasses. Ms. Naomi spent time teaching everyone about how compasses work, what position we need to be in, and how to line up the compass. We will get to use these skills soon! Our second personal narratives are also coming to a close. This time, we got ideas for our narrative from a book called “Some Things Are Scary”. It really helped everyone think of their own inspiration for a personal narrative. The 3rd and 4th graders also got to meet with their writing buddies for the first time. The 4th grade math students worked on arrays, multiplying with double digit numbers, and finding ways to sketch out their thinking. It is impressive to see how talented we are with these large numbers!


Next week, we will start our unit on Greek mythology. Both the 3rd and 4th graders will be learning about what myths are and some terms related to myths. The 3rd graders will be working with Mrs. Wagner on similes and metaphors with mythology, while the 4th graders will be more focused on allusions. Everyone will have the chance to read “King Midas and the Golden Touch”. We are excited to also be starting our unit on explorers! The unit will start off with an introduction on explorers through Reader’s Theater. It will be wonderful to learn new information! The 4th grade math students will continue their work on multiplying with larger numbers, and we will start to introduce division and remainders.

Website of the week : Xtra Math  Check it out!



10/3/17 Green Challenge Assembly

10/6/17 (Friday) – No School: Teacher In-Service

10/9/17 (Monday) –No School: Columbus Day

10/10/17 (Tuesday) – Picture make-up day

10/11/17 (Wednesday) – F2T

10/18/17 (Wednesday) – Early release