Week 5

Happy Friday! What a wonderful week! In reading, all of our spelling groups have been introduced – don’t forget that each student will have spelling homework daily. Students have been doing a great job working in their Daily 5 centers! In science, we’ve been researching woodland creatures and helping to create the mural in the hallway. Students turned in their woodland creature report today. In writing class, students have been working on their expository paper about why their bedroom is a special place – don’t forget that it must be turned in on Monday! Fourth graders started working on their new math unit on place value in multi-digit numbers – standard form, expanded form, and word form. 3rd grade Math,  We are done with our time unit. Look for the time unit assessment to come home for signature this week.  The 3/4 grade band has met and decided third grade will spend approximately 2 weeks on a review unit of addition and subtraction. We feel students would benefit from this unit. Our main focus will be adding 3 or more numbers with 2 to 3 digits in each number, and adding or subtracting 3 and 4 digit numbers using regrouping.  NWEA make-ups for ELA and Math have been going on all week for students who still needed time to finish!

We passed out a field trip form to be taken home this afternoon. Please look it over with your students. We are going to Earth Keepers in October! It is a two day field trip (not overnight). Our class is very excited!!

Next week, we’re going to work on writing and punctuation skills. We want to strengthen our writers! Students will share their “My Room” papers in small groups. And in science, we will be outside quite a bit.

Things to remember:

  • We will be outside during science on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday
  • The Earth Keepers permission slip and check are due by September 29th
  • If you hare having any trouble viewing the Homework Calendar for our class, please make sure that you are signing in through the parent portal first! If you don’t know your login/password or if you are still having problem viewing the calendar after signing in, please contact Jim Coonan or Dil Dybas.