Week 33

How is it already Spring Break? The school year is going quickly, and we still have so much we want to do! Our pioneer simulation ended today.  Some groups made it successfully to their destination, but a few unlucky individuals did not get to their final destination. We were sad for the people that did not make it, but even more sad that our simulation is over.  In writing, we worked on grammar and punctuation skills to make ourselves better writers. We discussed fragments, run-on sentences, pronouns, and predicates. The students are getting very familiar with recognizing these things in writing.  There were two PARCC tests this week, and the kids did  really well!  We will have more after Spring Break.  In math, the fourth graders continue looking at measuring as fractions and placing measurements on line plots. It helps them to be reminded that these measurements should be looked at as fraction tiles. We also worked in the garden to till the soil and plant lettuce seeds. Cold frames were placed on the beds to keep them nice and warm over our break.  For Spanish, the students have been asked to bring in eggs for an activity in Spanish – please make sure your child has eggs to bring in by April 5th!

After break, we will begin reading pioneer books after Spring Break. Miss Moyer and I will be meeting with small groups for book discussions. This will be a bit of a heavy reading load, but we will keep this in mind when looking at homework in other subjects. Class time will be provided to get a majority of the reading done.  In writing, we will be going back to working on persuasive/opinion writing. This time, students will be able to do a bit of research to back up their information. Also, Earth Week is coming up the week of April 17th! Get ready!


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