Week 30

This week has been busy, busy! In Social Studies we started our Pioneer simulation! The students were split up into 4 groups. Each group is a different wagon train, and they will work together for the next three weeks to move West on the Hacker Trail! The wagon trains have loaded up on supplies and are ready to start their journey. In writing, we began our first persuasive/opinion papers. The students have worked hard all week and checked in with their writing buddies today to start their final drafts. Their persuasive/opinion papers are due on Tuesday, and we are excited to read them! Chestita Baba Marta! Baba Marta celebrates the coming of spring  and, on Wednesday, we celebrated Baba Marta Day. Each student made a Martenitsa bracelet with their peers, and today we went on a nature walk with Ms. Naomi to see the signs of spring. Each student got a chance to place their Martenitsa where they found a sign of spring. This week we’ve also introduced transition music! We have morning music to get the kids ready for the day and we are also using music to transition between centers in reading. Fourth grade math had a small introduction to adding and subtracting fractions with unlike denominators and took a pre-assessment on fractions represented on number lines

Next week in Social Studies, we are continuing with the Pioneer simulation. Each of their assignments and their group decisions will affect what happens next! Fourth grade math will be continuing to learn about adding and subtracting mixed number and improper fraction with number lines. We will also be spending a lot of time working on our portfolios for student-led conferences. The students will be setting up their portfolios with work from the whole year to show you at conferences! Don’t forget: student-led conferences are on Thursday, March 9th starting at 2:00 – please sign up for a time, if you have not done so!

We are running low on Kleenex and pencils. If anyone could help us out, it would be greatly appreciated! 

Extra Extra!

Unfortunately,  a stomach illness seems to be making its way around our class. If your child has diarrhea, a fever, or is vomiting, please keep them home. We appreciate your help in keeping them comfortable and resting, as well as limiting everyone else’s exposure. Thank you!

Dates to remember:

  • One Earth Film Festival @ PCCS on Saturday, March 4th at 1:30pm!
  • Tuesday, March 7th – Green Assembly at 8:15
  • Thursday, March 9th – Early Release for Student-led Conferences
    • Conferences start at 2:00pm! Double check your time slot!
  • Friday, March 10th – Early Release
  • Wednesday, March 15th – Early Release