Week 27

This week has gone by so fast! It was extremely busy – especially with 2 assemblies this week!
This week we finished our missing “chapters” about different places in our school. The students worked really well with their partners on this writing, and a few students even included maps in their final chapter. In science, we got to see the effects of chemical weathering on four different types of rocks. The students used vinegar on each rock to represent acid rain. They were amazed to see the color, shape, and texture of the rocks change over time. Today, we created our own stream beds and watched landforms form as it “rained” on our landscapes. In math, the 4th graders took a test on fractions and started learning about how to add fractions. We went over part of the test that was a struggle for students, and will get a chance to make up this section next week.
Next week is our Valentine’s Day party and PBIS celebration on Tuesday! We will continue with erosion and land forming by deposition in science. The third and fourth graders will start their introduction to opinion writing. The fourth graders will continue with¬†fractions in math.
Important dates:
Saturday, February 11thFairy Garden Class–workshops at 9am, 10am, and 11am
Tuesday, February 14th–PBIS Celebration
Tuesday, February 14th–Valentine’s Day Parties 2:15pm
Wednesday, February 15th–Farm to Table
Friday, February 17th–No School: Teacher Inservice
Monday, February 20th–No School: President’s Day
Save the Date! One Earth Film Festival @ PCCS on Saturday, March 4th at 1:30pm
Extra Extra!!
  • Jump rope for heart envelopes are due February 21st – please make sure to get in!
  • Fun fair item donations for the 8th graders are being collected on Monday and Tuesday – if you have anything to donate please send it in with your student! Also, if you have any extra empty water bottles lying around, they could use those, as well! They are recycling them to make ring toss bottles.