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Week 24

Happy Friday! We really enjoyed decorating our door for School Choice Week. The kids did a great job. We all had such fun dressing up for the different spirit days, too! The spelling bee was a huge hit. Shawn Mastandrea did a fantastic job representing our class and 4th grade! In writing, we finished our informational text and turned it in today. Throughout the week, we spent time going over how to make an outline and a table of contents. They worked hard all week on their papers. During Social Studies, we learned about pioneers and voyageurs. The students made a flip-book about the French voyageurs who traveled to America! We are working on finishing up our Native American unit.  The students have been learning about the first settlers and their effects on the Native Americans. The fourth graders have been working hard on fractions – they learned about equivalent fractions and simplifying fractions! They really had a great time comparing fractions in Fraction War – ask your fourth grader to play this weekend!

Next week, in writing we’ll be……. In Social Studies, we’re finishing up learning about the settlers in America and then moving onto our next science unit – rocks and minerals! We’ll be doing some really cool experiments next week to introduce this new unit. Fourth grade math will be continuing with fractions and getting ready for our mid-assessment the following week.

Extra Extra!

  • The Green Team is excited to announce their next public program!  They will be hosting Fairy Garden workshops on February 11 at 9, 10 and 11 am. (Yes — coming right up!) Please look at the Fairyflyer for more information.
  • Our class can turn in their Hawks Tickets for many things (prizes, sit with friend from another class at lunch, buy teachers’ chair for the day, etc). A very popular choice many students choose is the prize bin. The prize bin is currently running low – if any parents want to donate fun little prizes for our Hawks Ticket prize bin, that would be awesome!
  • The PSO is running a BOX TOPS collection drive now until February 15. Send in your BOX TOPS in a labeled envelope or zip lock bag with your child’s name and teacher’s name.

So beautiful!                                                                                  Look at our beautiful door!