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Week 21 (I think)

Welcome back! It was so great to see everyone back at school! I hope you had a wonderful break and are feeling rested. This week was a short week, but it was still busy and full of fun things to learn.

Also: someone left brown, leather gloves during our Holiday Party – e-mail us to claim them!

We continue to learn about Native Americans, but we incorporating what we are learning into an informational text and group presentation. The 3rd and 4th graders were put into 5 small groups to research a tribe that was assigned to them.  Each group has been working on researching information, such as: their culture, the foods they ate, the natural resources they used, etc. The small groups will write a one-page informational text on their tribe and create a “winter count” that summarizes the information they gathered. A winter count is a history or calendar in which events are recorded by pictures. The groups will present on the 17th, so we are working hard to make sure that everything is finished before then! We have also re-tested for spelling groups, so the new groups will start on Monday.

4th grade math will have a quiz on word problems and multi-step problems on Friday. We have started recognizing key words in word problems and naming the function that each word means. For example, if we read “how many times more” in a problem, that means that we will be multiplying.

The Spelling Bee is on its way! This is the first year that both third and fourth graders will be able to participate. So exciting! The 3/4 grade band will be holding our own Spelling Bee on Wednesday, January 18th, to determine who will be attending the school wide Spelling Bee, which is scheduled for Monday, January 23rd.

Please make sure to sign-up for F2T by the 11th!

Dates to remember:

  • Tuesday, January 10th–Green Challenge Assembly 8:15am
  • Monday, January 16th–No School–Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
  • Wednesday, January 18th–Farm to Table
  • Wednesday, January 18th– 3rd and 4th grade Spelling Bee (we will have a winner and a runner-up)
  • Monday, January 23rd–School wide Spelling Bee