Week 2 Newsletter

This week we are in the full swing of school.  Students received their chromebooks and we have set up Google Classroom for all subject areas.  Students have also been working on presentation skills as part of our Enrichment time.  Next week students will give a short presentation on an article their group read.  This presentation is to help me get a baseline on their skills as they come in to 6th grade.

In Math we have been continuing to work on Ratios.  Students have learned how to solve ratio problems using a table, a tape diagram, and cross multiplication.  On Friday the students took a short quiz that covers everything we have learned so far this year.  Each Friday I will give students a short quiz so that I can determine how well we are doing with the current information.  These short assessments will allow me take the temperature of the class and students individually to see where we are.

In science we began our Engineering PBL this week; finding a solution that will allow the school to grow crops during the winter months so that Farm to Table has fresh produce all year long.  This week we looked at our problem, defined it and began to do some research on the the issues.  Students have focused their research into hydroponics.  We will continue to research next week and then begin to look at design.