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Week 19

HAPPY WINTER BREAK! The 3rd and 4th graders are certainly excited to have time off and spend time with friends and family. The teachers are, too!

This week we’ve continued learning about Native Americans. We’re learning about how the Native Americans cared for the Earth, respected nature, and used what they had. The 4th graders practiced their division skills while playing really fun math games with a deck of cards. I don’t think they realized they were practicing math!

Our Winter Party was today and it was a blast. The kids had a great time making bags and cards, decorating cookies, playing games, writing stories, and doing word searches! Not to mention tasting all the food from different cultures – DELICIOUS! A big thanks to all the parents who helped out; we are very grateful for everything you do.

Thank you for sending a bag in with your child. They packed up a bunch of things from their lockers (all clothing, papers, etc) and should be bringing it all home in those bags. We got the room ready for a deep winter clean; it looks so organized!

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