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Week 19

Happy Winter Break! I hope you all have a chance to relax, have fun with family, sleep, and eat great food.

This week we wrapped up our unit on light and took a test to close the unit. The 3rd and 4th graders really loved the hands-on experiments, and the amazing facts they learned about light and our eyes. We also wrapped up our focus on persuasive/opinion writing, but may pick it up again later in the year. The students got to celebrate receiving SOOOO many Hawk’s tickets with a PJ day, snacks, and a movie. We were cozy in our PJs and enjoyed spending the afternoon together. The 4th grade math students worked on addition and subtraction in new ways, other than the standard algorithm. We have named each strategy, but found the subtraction strategy to be a bit tricky. We will keep practicing! The Winter Sing went beautifully today, and our day ended with our classroom winter parties.

After break, we will be switching to social studies. The students will be learning about Colonial times, and get to experience a day in the life of a child during those times. With this social studies unit, the students will be introduced to informative writing. This type of writing focuses on facts and research. In math, the 4th graders will continue to talk about subtraction strategies and begin comparing them.

Please make sure to bring your children’s winter gear back after break! HAVE A FANTASTIC HOLIDAY!