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Week 15

It looks as though the cold weather is here to stay, so I hope everyone is staying warm! As usual, we had a busy week in room 17. In science, we began our unit on sound. The 3rd and 4th graders have really enjoyed experimenting with making sound, and discovering what causes a noise to happen. They have figured out that when something vibrates, it can cause a sound. Today, they had a wonderful time experimenting with tuning forks! In writing, we have moved on from personal narratives to opinion/persuasive writing. Everyone seemed to love the idea of needing to add a “mic drop” sentence at the closing of their paper to make it stronger. After finishing a graphic organizer to help them organize their writing, the 3rd graders are writing about things that should change in the school. The 4th graders finished their graphic organizers, and are working on writing about things that they would like to see in their neighborhood. There are definitely some great ideas that are being written about! In math, the 4th graders have started adding fractions. We started off with adding fractions that had the same denominator, but ended the week with adding fractions with unlike denominators. The 4th graders also learned 2 new math games in class. Ask your child for more information!

Next week, we will begin to look a little closer at decimals and comparing them. In writing, we will continue working on our opinion/persuasive writing, and possibly meet with our writing buddies. Our sound unit will continue into next week as well. Please remember that next week will be a very short week due to Thanksgiving Break. If you have not yet signed up for a conference time, please check our e-mail for the link that was sent.



Saturday, November 18thGreen Apple Day of Service 10am to noon
Monday, November 20th–Conferences and Scholastic Book Fair
Tuesday, November 21st–Conferences and Scholastic Book Fair
Wednesday, November 22ndPSO’s Parents Night Out Babysitting 1-5pm
Saturday, December 2ndPCCS Holiday Marketplace Craft Fair 9am-3pmin Gaylord Nelson Gym
Thursday, December 7th–PSO Holiday Bazaar