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Week 14

This week in Social Studies we continued learning about the features of Illinois. We learned about man-made and natural resources. Yesterday we went on a scavenger hunt to find natural and “human” features and today we worked on writing our riddles for the resources we found. In writing we’ve been hard at work honing our writing skills and story-telling techniques. We’ve been working together with our writing partners to start our next narrative. Our reading groups are really starting to blossom; we’ve been working hard on different comprehension skills. Fourth grade math has been working on partial products and multi-digit multiplication. The entire school voted today on a new name for the gym. Each student got to vote in their own ballot box and we all got I Voted Today stickers! What fun!

Next week is a short week! Early release on both Monday and Tuesday and then we’re off until the next Monday. Don’t forget conferences start after school on Monday. I’m looking forward to meet with you all.

Important dates:

  • November 21 and 22 – parent/teacher conferences
    • The 21st and 22nd will also be ER days 
    • Book Fair 
  • November 23-25 – No School.  Happy Thanksgiving!