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Week 14

Well, it certainly feels like winter…. I hope everyone stays warm this weekend! The 3rd and 4th graders accomplished SO much this week! In social studies, we completed our explorer presentations. It was so great to see the effort everyone put into their research and presentation. We also had the opportunity to listen to Ms. Hahn’s students present about their explorers. In writing, we finished up our personal narrative “books”. The 3rd and 4th graders seemed so proud of being authors! They were able to read their finished products to their writing buddies, and give feedback to one another. In math, the 4th graders continued working on the concept of equivalent fractions. They also got to use geoboards to show fractions, and visualize how to break them down in to equal parts. It is amazing what a person can do with rubber bands!

Next week, we will be adding and subtracting fractions in a variety of ways. Some ways include games, manipulatives, and visuals. Next week, in writing, we will start an introduction into opinion writing. This is definitely an important skill to have, so it will be interesting to see what each 3rd and 4th grader feels passionately about. We will be switching from social studies to science next week! We will be discussing sound, and experimenting with several labs and hands-on activities. It is going to get noisy, but fun! PLEASE STAY WARM THIS WEEKEND!



Saturday, November 11thBuilding Healthy Habitats Today for a Better Tomorrow 8am-1pm @ PCCS Gaylord Nelson Gym
Monday, November 13th–Home Basketball Game vs. Johnsburg at 4pm
Tuesday, November 14th–Home Basketball Game vs. Big Hollow at 4pm
       —Finance Committee Meeting 6pm
       —Governance Committee Meeting 7pm
Wednesday, November 15thFarm to Table
Thursday, November 16th–Home Basketball Game vs. Park at 4pm
Saturday, November 18thGreen Apple Day of Service 10am to noon
Save the Date
Monday, November 20th–Conferences and Scholastic Book Fair
Tuesday, November 21st–Conferences and Scholastic Book Fair
Wednesday, November 22ndPSO’s Parents Night Out Babysitting 1-5pm
Saturday, December 2ndPCCS Holiday Marketplace Craft Fair 9am-3pmin Gaylord Nelson Gym
Thursday, December 7th–PSO Holiday Bazaar