Week 13

Happy weekend! This week flew by, and was jam packed with fun! First off, thank you to all of the parents that came in for our Halloween party! The kids were definitely excited leading up to Halloween, and seemed to have a great time at the party.

In social studies, the 3rd and 4th graders are wrapping up their notes on explorers. A few students have even been practicing for their explorer presentations (which will be next week). It is great to see everyone working carefully to make sure that they have all of the necessary information, and that their presentations last between 2 and 3 minutes. In writing, we are coming towards the end of our rough drafts of our personal narratives. The 3rd and 4th graders met with their writing buddies twice this week, and seem to be almost ready for the final stage of our narratives. It will be wonderful to see how creative everyone gets with their personal narrative “books”! We finished our final meeting for “Underworld” and “Chocolate Touch”, and returned back to our Daily 5 routine with small reading groups. It was nice to get back in the swing of Daily 5. In 4th grade math, we began talking about fractions and creating visual fractions with strips of paper. Our new unit begins with more of a focus on equivalent fractions, how to make them, and what they look like.

Next week, in math, we will discuss fractions using egg cartons! It is a creative and hands-on way to get involved in math. We will also take a bit of a closer look at equivalent fractions. Our explorer presentations will take place on Wednesday afternoon. It seemed like a good idea to have the students be finished with their note cards on Monday (the 6th), so that they were ready to present on Wednesday. This gives them plenty of time to feel good about what they are sharing. We will be finishing our personal narrative “books” next week, as well. For the following weeks, PLEASE make sure that your child has appropriate clothing for outdoors. We will be outside, sometimes, for 30 minutes at a time. Students should have a warm coat, hat, gloves, etc. Thank you!


Nov. 3 (Friday) – End of first trimester

Nov. 7 (Tuesday) – Green Assembly @ 8:15

Nov. 10 (Friday) – Veteran’s Day Assembly @8:15

Nov. 10 (Friday) – Report cards go home

Nov. 15 (Wednesday) – F2T