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Week 13

The weather has certainly changed! Brrr! I hope everyone is staying warm. This week was another busy one in our 3/4 classroom. In writing, we started our rough drafts of our personal narratives. We are working towards putting our last personal narratives in book to share with others. The students will get a chance to be creative with this final narrative! In reading, we finished “Chocolate Touch” and “Underworld”. It seems that everyone enjoyed having small group discussions, and a few students asked if we could do this again another time. Our final assessment/closing session has been extended to Monday, but our last discussion was today. Everyone is busy at work on researching for their explorer presentation. It is so interesting to see the variety of information that has been found, and we are looking forward to presenting! In math, we wrapped up Unit 2 with our post-assessment. Yesterday, we had the opportunity to go outside and incorporate our knowledge of dimensions, area, and multiplication into the grade-band garden beds. The students worked with their math partners. Ask your child for more information! From Mrs. Larson’s math class:

3rd grade Math,

Last week, we worked on the beginning concepts of multiplication by looking at a pet store and the items it sells and looking at arrays of stamps (rows and columns). We also worked on lines of symmetry, geometric shapes and angles in our number corner. Additionally, we had a demonstration on milliliters and liters. Students have learned that 1,000 milliliters equals 1 liter. Students also learned that in the grocery store, students have seen a “2 liter.”  This week, Students will revisit loops and groups as a multiplication strategy outside! Please be prepared to be outside on Tuesday 10/31 for math. We are continuing unit 2 which focuses on multiplication skills and methods of multiplying. We will also complete the October number corner with an assessment of number corner skills. Then, we will roll out the November number corner.

Next week, we will be starting our new unit on fractions. Some of the 4th graders seem a bit nervous about this new unit, but with practice, they will do great! We will finish up our explorer research next week. The 3rd and 4th graders are more than welcome to take their research home, if they would like. The work does need to come back each day. In reading, we will return to our normal Daily 5 routine, and our small reading groups will go back to how they were at the beginning of the year.


Oct. 31st (Tuesday):  1st-4th grade parade at 1:45 /classroom parties at 2:15

Nov. 1st (Wednesday): Early Release (Teacher In-Service)

Nov. 3rd (Friday): End of first trimester!