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Week 12

Happy Friday, everyone! Believe it or not, October is more than halfway over! This week, the 3rd and 4th graders found out which explorer they will be researching for our explorer project over the next few weeks. Everyone seems excited, and eager to get their materials to start the process. We finished learning about a few other explorers, and completed our timelines as well. In writing, the students met with their writing buddies to go over suggestions and editing ideas on their myths. We finally got to turn them in yesterday, and then finished the week off with grammar and punctuation lessons. The 3rd graders worked with Mrs. Wagner, and the 4th graders worked with Mrs. Trage. We are about halfway done with “Chocolate Touch” and “Underworld”, and the suspense has certainly grown in each book. What will happen next? In math, the 4th graders were introduced to division with remainders. We took it one step further, and discussed what remainders represent in different word problems. The students ended their week by presenting their thinking on several division problems to the rest of the class.

Next week, the 4th graders will take their unit test (on Wednesday), and talk a bit more about division. Our next unit will be fractions and decimals! Exciting! In writing, the 3rd and 4th graders will go back to working on their final personal narrative. We will talk about ways to end a narrative, and put our final product in our very own book template! Our small reading groups will be finishing up their books next week, and having final discussions on the events that took place in their stories. In social studies, we will start the exciting process of researching and preparing for our oral presentations on explorers. Have a wonderful weekend!

WEBSITE OF THE WEEK:  (Dictionary with nice explanations of how the word is used)


Dear Parents,

As we approach our holiday seasons with upcoming parties and group events, we look forward to seeing you and your children participating in all aspects of the celebrations. In the classroom, staff may come by and take pictures of the students and parents having fun. Please note, however, that some families have opted for their children not to be photographed. If you plan to take pictures of anyone other than your child, please ensure that you have obtained parental permission of the children you photograph prior to taking those pictures. Additionally, some parents may prefer that their children’s pictures not be posted on social media. Please check with them before posting. We look forward to making more wonderful memories with your children and you! Thank you for your understanding.

-Dil Dybas



10/22/17 – PSO Fall Fest

10/23-10/27 – Anti-bullying Week

10/31/17- Halloween parties and parade (parade at 1:45)

11/1/17- Early Release