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Week 11

Happy, almost, Halloween! On Monday, we will be having our Halloween parade at 1:45 pm. Please send your students to school with their costume, but do NOT have them dress in it for the day. We will change into our costumes at school at 1:30. Also remember: no violence (weapons, etc.), no “creepy clowns”, and no masks or hoods that cover the face.

This week the 3rd and 4th graders were introduced to their reading groups, and began participating in them during Daily 5. Each group read a short story and worked on comprehension questions with Mrs. Wagner. Our introduction into Social Studies has been exciting! The kids are enjoying learning about map features, and that they are part of a bigger picture (city, county, state, country, etc.). In writing, we have been working on storytelling and telling a story bit by bit. We are really focusing on the process of writing, and not just the end result. The third and fourth graders began working with writing buddies, as well. These buddies will help each other keep writing goals in mind and help with the peer editing process. The 4th graders finished their unit on operations of tens, and were introduced to prime numbers, composite numbers, factors, and multiples. This is a short unit, so our quiz will be on Wednesday. We will be sure to continue working and reviewing the new unit before assessing.

Next week, we will work on creating maps and going on scavenger hunts with the maps we create. We will also continue to work with our writing buddies on our true stories. Also, our field trip is on November 2nd. That day will be an early release day, as well. Whew! The end of the trimester will be on Friday, November 4, and report cards will be going out the Friday after that. On the 11th, an e-mail will be sent out to invite you to parent/teacher conferences.


Please make sure you check out our photo gallery! We have all pictures updated!