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Week 10

We certainly ended up with a chilly week, but at least the staff vs. student soccer game was on a beautiful day! The 3rd and 4th graders wrapped up their Greek mythology unit and are now getting back into the swing of Daily 5. During Spanish, the students learned about the Day of the Dead celebration and even got to color sugar skulls. They will be decorating part of the hallway for the celebration! The 4th graders had fun writing a “deleted” scene or chapter from Underworld, and the 3rd graders enjoyed writing an apology letter as John Midas (from the Chocolate Touch). We have been hard at work on these assignments for three days in class. I cannot wait to read them over the weekend! Our science unit has turned into social studies, and the kids are extremely enthusiastic about this change. Don’t be surprised if your child asks to see their birth certificate over the weekend, as we have talked about this in the beginning unit. It teaches the children the idea that we can learn by looking at the past. The 4th grade math students finished their second section in math, and took their tests today. They loved playing all of the math games that helped them prepare for the test!

Next week, we will be introducing reading groups into our Daily 5 rotation. Each group will meet with Mrs. Wagner to work on a close read. 4th grade math will be starting their new unit on factors, multiples, composite and prime numbers. We will also continue to strengthen our story teller voice in writing. Students have been trying to work on telling stories so that they play a movie in their reader’s head. They are doing well, so far!


Things to remember:

  • Oct. 25 – Food Store event for our Eat Real challenge
  • Oct. 31 – Halloween Party
    No excessive violence depicted by the costume
    No face masks or hoods which render students unrecognizable
    No “Creepy Clown” masks or “Creepy Clown” face paint¬†
    No Weapons of any kind, real or toy. 
  • Nov 1 – Green Assembly
  • Nov. 2 – CLC field trip to see “Jason and Argonauts”
  • Nov. 2 – Early Release
  • Nov. 4 – End of the trimester