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Week 10

Hello PCCS families! Another weekend is upon us, and we have lots going on in the classroom. This week we learned about different explorers and put their names, reasons for exploration, and accomplishments on a timeline. We continue to have a debate about who discovered America first, so it will be fun to see what comes from our future research project! The 3rd graders began reading “Chocolate Touch” with Mrs. Trage, and seem to be enjoying the fun details in the story. The 4th graders FINALLY got to start “Underworld”. They have been waiting since last year to read it, and seem pretty excited. They have made several predictions about what is going to happen next in the book and found ways to tie their ideas to Greek mythology. To go along with our reading, we are working on writing our own Greek myths. Each student has chosen a natural event to base their story off of. They are coming along nicely! In math, we worked on breaking down multiplication story problems and presented them in a math forum. We also learned about solving multi-step problems by halving or doubling a number to get the same product.

Next week, we will continue to learn about a few different explorers and add them to our timeline. The 3rd and 4th graders will also find out which explorer they will be researching over the next few weeks. 3rd and 4th grade will continue to read their books for reading groups, and may even finish the stories by next Friday! Our Greek myths will be a work in progress until Thursday, and then we will share what we have with our writing buddies. Next week, the 4th graders will review the many multiplication strategies we have learned about, and we will begin our division unit. The 4th graders seem excited to learn about division with remainders!

Website of the week:

This website lets you make quizzes for any subject you may need to study. You can make flashcards to help remember content.


Important dates:

Wednesday, October 18th–Early Release: Dismissal at 1pm
Thursday, October 19th–Staff/Student Soccer Game at 2pm (Soccer Field)
    —Chipotle Restaurant Night in Gurnee from 4-8pm
Sunday, October 22ndPSO Fall Fest 12-4pm (PCCS Campus)
Now through October 27th–Voting for Parent Election Continues