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Update 5/23/22

Hi Families!

Quick notes to know: 

  • 4/28/22- 6/3/22: ABC countdown continues! April 28th starts the ABC countdown 
  • 5/26/22 Radish tasting
  • 5/31/22 – Early Release & Assembly (Please send Snunch) 
  • 5/27/22 Please send in 2 large bags, we will start cleaning and sending home items
  • 5/30/22 No School, Memorial Day
  • 6/1/22 Kindergarten metamorphosis
  • 6/2/22 3rd and 4th grades will spend some time playing games outdoors
  • 6/2/22 7:00 p.m. 8th Grade Graduation
  • 6/3/22 Early Release- 12:55p.m. 4th Grade “Clap Up” to 5th grade!


  • 5/26/22 – The radishes we planted this winter will be harvested. Students will get to taste a roasted radish (oil or oil spray, taco seasoning) any students who have a food allergy to taco seasoning or oil will be offered a raw plain radish. Please let me know if your child has a food allergy to taco seasoning. Thank you.
  • 5/31/22 Please send in 2 large bags for cleaning out lockers, etc. Thank you! 
  • April 28th starts the ABC countdown Please click this link to view each day’s theme. This is optional for students and just a fun way to count down the days until summer break. 
  • On Friday 6/3/22 at 12:55 p.m., we will “clap up” 4th graders as they symbolically cross over to 5th grade. Please feel free to join us at 12:55 on market square as our 4th graders cross over from the Comstock building to the Carson building; beginning their journey at the Carson building. 
  • This is the last newsletter of the year. It has been a pleasure being your child’s teacher for these past two years, and through a monumental time in history! It has been an incredible journey and I thank you for entrusting me with your student. Each student has made amazing growth and I am so proud of each and every one of them! I have enjoyed helping them learn and they will be dearly missed! All my best, Mrs. Larson.


Reading and Writing,  

Spelling: Our last week of Spelling is this week 5/23/22. Students should complete the homework assignments each night with a spelling test on Friday 5/27/22. 

In writing,

We are finishing our informational writing piece on invasive species.  Students have researched a specific invasive species in the Great Lakes. They have written a rough draft informational pamphlet on the species. We will continue the pamphlet, our goal is for the final draft and illustrations to be completed on or before 5/25/22. This pamphlet will then be turned in. Following this, Students will create a slideshow on a state assigned to them. Any students who are complete with both assignments will be working on writing enrichment opportunities.

In reading,

We are continuing our final novel, “Howliday Inn” by James Howe. This week,  students will listen to the last 3 chapters of the novel read aloud.  They will discover the answer of which suspect was guilty and what happened to all of the missing animals. They will continue to complete comprehension questions and activities based on each chapter of the novel. Students should be completing the novel and assignments by 5/25/22 if not a little sooner. Once students have finished the novel, this week and next, they will create a puzzle representing the mystery book. Each puzzle piece will feature comprehension facts about the story on it. We are also working hard to complete our cursive books by 6/2/22 if not sooner. 


3rd grade Math,  

This is our last week of math for the year. Monday we will learn more about perimeter and area of shapes. Tuesday we will review our study guide. Wednesday 5/25/22 and Thursday 5/26/22 we will take the final unit 6 assessment. Students who finish early will have opportunities to work on math enrichment activities. There will be no math Friday 5/27/22 due to the assembly. Thank you to all my math students for their hard work this year. They have really grown and learned so much! 

 4th Grade Math

Hello 4th Grade! 

We are closing out the year with a review of standard algorithms for multiplication featuring 2 or 3 digit numbers. We are also reviewing the steps of long division to help bridge to 5th grade math concepts. Students are playing a survivor style game to learn more about these harder multiplication and division processes.  

 Science/Social Studies  

We will be finishing the year by studying geography. Students will learn about the location of the oceans and continents of the world. Then we will work on learning about the states in the Midwest. 

We will continue phenology and solo spots, as well as be participating in several outdoor fun events in the next few weeks.  Please make sure your student is prepared to be outside on a regular basis with appropriate outdoor clothing. Students are allowed and encouraged to bring sunblock and bug spray. They must be able to apply it by themself. Thank you! 

Wishing everyone a wonderful summer!