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Update 4/11/22

Hi Families!

Quick notes to know:


  • 4/18/22 Earth Week
  • 4/21/22 Zoo Field Trip- Wear green
  • 4/22/22 Natural Leader’s Assembly- wear earth t-shirt


  • If you need to pick up your student for any reason, please be sure to let the school know in advance, especially during earth week. We have had some issues with incoming parent emails going to spam, so it may be best to call the school or write it in your child’s agenda (this can be in addition to email). We will be doing a lot of outdoor activities and it may take awhile to get back to the classroom in order to pack up for an early pick up. Thanks for your kind understanding!
  • Next week during earth week, we will be outdoors more than usual. Please make sure your student is dressed appropriately for the weather daily and prepared to be outdoors. Thank you!
  • I wanted to make you aware that on 4/18/22 I have been summoned for jury duty. Due to the nature of jury duty, I unfortunately do not know the duration of time this will require for me to be away from the classroom. I wanted to let everyone know, especially for this week, anytime you email to please email both myself and Mrs. Crothers:     In this way, in the event I am still out, we can be sure to handle your email in a timely manner. Thank you for your kind understanding.
  • Our field trip to the zoo is coming up on Thursday 4/21/22. We are so excited! Please have your child to school on time as we are preparing to leave very early. Below is a list of items they will need for the trip:

Students will need to bring:

  • Be dressed to be outdoors for the day (layers, raincoat if needed, etc.)
  • please wear a green shirt or top
  • a sack lunch and snack, nut-free 
  • refillable water bottle
  • sunhat and sunscreen (bug spray is optional) 
  • An empty/ light backpack or cinch sack for the day

* Students will be gifted a t-shirt for earth week, please have them wear their t-shirt on Friday 4/22/22 for the earth week closing ceremonies.


Reading and Writing,  

We will follow a normal spelling schedule this week. Students will have their normal nightly homework with a test on Friday.  Next week, there will be no spelling due to Earth Week. 

 In writing,

We are starting our unit on poetry. We will work on this unit throughout the month of April. Students will learn about stanzas, lines and general qualities of poems. Students will listen to children perform their poems at poetry contests. They will also read and hear examples of poetry throughout the unit. As the unit progresses, students will learn the specific formats of several poetry styles such as haiku, acrostic and cinquain. 

In reading,

We are finishing our novel, “Sled Dog School” by Terry Lynn Johnson.  Our plan is to complete the novel this week prior to earth week. Students will be completing chapters 17 and 18 as a whole class and then complete chapters 19 and 20 on their own. The last chapters of this novel are very short so we will complete chapters 21-23 together as a class. Next week we will write a character poem on Matt, the main character in Sled Dog School. This will be the culminating project on our novel. 

Students will write their spelling words in alphabetical order this week. They will also listen to a book about forces and motion.Following the book they will answer comprehension questions on forces and motion. 

Next week, we will be learning about earth day and sustainability. Students will be taking the earth pledge. We will read informational articles about the founder of earth day. Students will write a poem about one of the zoo animals we see. Students will also make observations of nature and then write a poem about what they noticed.


3rd grade Math,  

We are finishing Unit 5 which focuses on reviewing multiplication, and division. Students have worked really hard this unit! I am very proud of them. 

This week we will complete the last lessons of unit 5, which are focused on division, fractions and area. Last week, a study guide was sent home. The study guide is due Wednesday, April 13th. We will review the study guide, and if time, play division games. Then we will take the unit test on Thursday, April 14th. We will end our unit with games that reinforce the skills of  multiplication and division. There will be no math the week of earth week.

 4th Grade Math

Last week we started unit 6 with a review of some of the division strategies students developed earlier in the year.  This week, students will solve and discuss a set of division problems that move beyond the basic facts. Sessions 3 and 4 focus on multiplication strategies, while Sessions 5 and 6 bring multiplication and division together as students discover that they can use the same models for both operations. The module ends with an emphasis on the importance of choosing strategies based on the numbers involved in the problems.

 Science/Social Studies  

Students are in our unit on force and motion. Students have learned about gravity and basic forces. Students will continue to experiment with activities that reinforce basic concepts such as patterns of motion, push/pull and balanced/unbalanced. We will wrap this unit up this week. Next week during earth week, we will spend time outdoors and in nature. 


We are continuing phenology and solo spots, alternating each week. Please make sure your student is prepared to be outside on a regular basis with warm outdoor clothing. 

 I hope you have a wonderful week!