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Update 3/29/21


Hi Families!

Quick notes to know:

  • March 29th – Family Phase 4C Listening Sessions
    • K-4th 5 PM   
    • 5-8th 5:45 pm
  • 3/31 No Student Attendance- Teacher meeting day 4C planning
  • 4/2 Material Pick Up/Drop off Remote students 
  • 4/7 No Student Attendance- Teacher meeting day 4C Planning


Homework Calendar LINK

Powerschool link



  • Materials Pick Up/Drop off is for remote students only. All bags will be available to be picked up in front of the gym at the usual pick up location between the hours of 8:30 and 2:30. Bags will be self-serve and there will be bins for returning materials.

Just a reminder that students need the following items when attending school:

  1. School issued Chromebook fully charged with charger
  2. Lunch and water bottle (no microwaves will be available)
  3. Two clean face masks (one will need to be worn into the classroom)
  4. Daily academic supplies such as: SB and HC math books, Please bring Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing book & packet- packet will be turned in, book will be turned in on Tuesday or Thursday, read to self book, Art Sketch pad, Music packet, and Group B will need Spanish papers/packets on Thursdays.

*Mrs. Larson and Mrs. Trage may need to ask for specific items as the curriculum progresses; these items will be written into the agenda. 

  1. Expo marker/dry erase board
  2. Place into a gallon ziplock bag or a pencil pouch/pencil box:
    1. 3-4 Sharpened Pencils, 
    2. 1 Eraser, 
    3. 1 Personal Pencil Sharpener, 
    4. 1 Set of Coloring pencils, 
    5. 1 Glue stick
    6. Scissors
  3. 1-2 Spiral Notebooks/1 folder

These items may be left at school Please label with your child’s name:


  • Indoor shoes 
  • 1 change of back up clothes




In Writing, 

We have just finished our narratives, My Story of the Three Little… with Mrs. Rompella. The students worked really hard on these stories. Make sure to ask your child to share it with you if they haven’t already!


We are starting some short writing assignments for the next two weeks. Students will exercise their writing skills and continue to build stamina by writing each day on a given prompt.  In the future we will start an assignment on persuasive/ opinion writing.


In Reading, 

We just finished the novel study of Judy Blume’s “Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing.” All pages of the chapter book packet should have been completed (assignments for this, with specific packet page numbers, are listed in google classroom). This week, students will be writing a script as their final project on this book. The script will summarize the novel, the main characters and their traits. It will end with a recommendation from the student on whether or not they recommend the book to their peers. We will also be reading newsela articles that support our social studies curriculum. 


In Math,  

We are continuing on unit 5 which delves deeper into multiplication and division. This week we are completing Module 2 and starting lesson 1 of Module 3. There will also be a  checkpoint this week, most likely on Thursday. Our unit assessment will follow the completion of module 4, later on in April. 



Multiplication & Division Families

Students continue to explore two different interpretations

of division—sharing and grouping—by solving

story problems that elicit one interpretation or the

other, and then sharing and discussing their work as a

class. The teacher also introduces fact families—sets of

related facts that further help students understand the

connection between multiplication and division.


We are finishing theMarch number corner which focuses on reading time and elapsed time. Then, we will begin the April number corner. The April number corner will focus on parts of a whole number and reinforce fraction skills. 


For Science/Social Studies, 

We have started a unit on Illinois history. Students are learning about explorers Jolliet, Marquette and La Salle. Students will learn about the early explorations and discoveries these adventurers made and how it changed the history of Illinois. Students will learn about the beaver fur trade. We will also try our hand at making a paper pirogue. 


Ms. Naomi is continuing to meet with students for special EE lessons. This week students will tend to our radish gardens and make observations like a scientist. Please make sure your student is prepared to be outside daily. 


We will continue participating in phenology and solo spots, alternating each week and now this will usually be on Wednesday afternoons (sometimes other days as our schedule dictates). Your student may complete these by going outside in your own yard, or, if this is not possible, by looking out a window at nature. 


I hope you have a wonderful week!