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Update 3/21/22

Hi Families!

Quick notes to know:


  • IAR testing 3/21, 3/22, 3/23 MATH
  • 3/24 Natural Leaders Assembly- outdoors
  • 3/25 Scholastic Book order ends  Classcode: P83VZ
  • 3/25 Send large bag for snow pants & Watch Balto 
  • 3/26-4/3 Spring Break 
  • 4/4/22 School resumes


  • Students had requested I put together a scholastic book club order. Please feel free to peruse our class page or other grade levels for books your children may enjoy. Class Scholastic book club order Due Date: 03/25/22.  Shop Our Class Page:     Shop Digital Flyers for Our Grade with Your Child:     With a $25 order, you can pick a FREE $5 Book (use code: READS).
  • Our Leprechaun traps were a huge success! We believe a sneaky little Leprechaun came to our classroom during lunch this St. Patrick’s day because he left a huge mess behind! Our traps must have lured him in to see if we had any gold or treasures. We were not able to catch him but we must have slowed him down because he left a special treasure behind for all of the students. We think these were left most likely in exchange for his freedom!  
  • IAR testing will be continuing before spring break. Math testing will be held on 3/21, 3/22, 3/23. Please make sure your child is well rested and comes to school on a full stomach as our normal snack schedule may be impacted. Thank you for your support! 
  • We are sending home all the winter gear to be washed and (hopefully) left at home after spring break. Please send to school on Friday 3/25 a large bag or a garbage bag to help carry the items home. Thank you!


Reading and Writing,  

We will follow a normal spelling schedule this week. Students will have their normal nightly homework with a test on Friday. 

 In writing,

We are finishing our  informational unit, how to essay. Students have written a rough draft on “How to Catch a Leprechaun.” They have self edited, edited with a peer (at least once) and completed their final draft. If this was not turned in last week, they have this week to complete this and turn in. Students who have turned in their final draft will be working on enrichment writing prompts this week.  

In reading,

We are continuing our novel, “Sled Dog School” by Terry Lynn Johnson.  Students are working on comprehension questions and activities throughout the story. Chapters and assignments will alternate from being read aloud and completed together to reading and completing assignments independently. This chapter book will span several weeks to complete. Students should have completed chapters 3 and 4 on their own last week. They were asked to compare and contrast the home of the main character, Matt, to their own home. We have learned in the story that Matt’s parents live an alternative lifestyle, “off the grid” and do not use indoor plumbing or electricity. When we return from spring break, we will jump back into the novel and continue alternating between independent work on chapters and group work on chapters. 

Students are also learning about the Iditarod race. We plan to watch the animated movie “Balto” on Friday, March 25th. This animated movie is based on the true historical event that inspired the Iditarod race. 

Students will write their spelling words in rainbow colors. They will also listen to a story about the spring equinox and how cultures around the world mark this milestone. Then they will create their own booklet highlighting 4 of the cultures and traditions for spring. Students will write a short fictional story about what happens when they find a Leprechaun’s gold. When we return from Spring break, we will also start a new unit on poetry. 

3rd grade Math,  

We are continuing Unit 5 which focuses on reviewing multiplication, and division. Before break, we had our first checkpoint. We also started module 3. When we return from spring break, we will complete module 3. At this time, we are planning for the unit 5 assessment to take place the week of April 11th. 

Module 3 Division Practice: Students again investigate two different interpretations of division—sharing and grouping—by solving story problems that elicit one interpretation or the other, and then sharing and discussing their work as a class. The teacher also introduces two new divisionWork Places, Line ‘Em Up and Division Capture. The first of these is designed to deepen students’ understanding of the operation, while the second provides practice with basic division facts.

 4th Grade Math

Hello 4th Grade! 


This week in math, we are going to be continuing to learn about angles, circles, and symmetry! So far, we have learned about acute, obtuse, straight, right, and zero angles. We will continue to expand our knowledge as well as learn to use a protractor to measure and create angles. We will be learning a few games to play with classmates this week to help enforce the concepts we have been learning. It’s “shaping” up to be a really fun unit! 

 Science/Social Studies  

Students are finishing our unit on electricity this week. Early this week we will experiment on what it means to be a conductor or non-conductor.  We will have the electricity unit test on Thursday (a study guide was sent home last week). After spring break, we will start a unit on force and motion. Students will experiment with activities that reinforce basic concepts such as wheel/axle, gravity, push/pull and balanced/unbalanced. 


We are continuing phenology and solo spots, alternating each week. Please make sure your student is prepared to be outside on a regular basis with warm outdoor clothing. 

 I hope you have a wonderful week!