Update 2/22/2016

Welcome to the final week of the 2nd trimester!


Students will be placed in new groups by the end of this week. We’ll officially start spelling back up next week!


Students have been continuing their work on their narratives. They’ve completed a planning sheet for two different stories. The first story is a personal narrative and the second story is fiction. At this point, they have written a first draft into their journals, shared their stories with several other students, and started to meet individually with Ms. Nham for additional feedback. They will be seeing ways they can improve their stories and setting goals for themselves as they move towards a final draft. We will be sharing these stories with you as they get completed!

Students have also added to their interactive grammar notebook. Using pop-up pages and pockets, they’ve completed activities to learn about common nouns, proper nouns, and action verbs. The class will be reflecting on their narratives to see that what they’ve learned from this has transferred to their writing.


We have had a couple of observations of our new insects! Students are still taking some guesses on what they could be (I’ve been waiting for the insects to get to the next stage before revealing the type of insect it is 🙂 ). Just like with the mealworms, they have been writing observations and drawing what they currently look like. We will be tracking the changes on a calendar. 

Environmental Exchange Box

The class is almost finished with the environmental exchange box to send to Atlanta, Georgia! Once it is complete, I will post photos of all that the students have included. Currently, they are working on an original board game to teach the class in Georgia about different plants and animals in Illinois.

As we move into the next trimester, students will continue their study of insects, begin nonfiction writing, and continue to develop an understanding of different spelling patterns.

Important Dates:

*This is the final week for collecting Box Tops for Education for the contest*
Wednesday, February 24th – Early Release
Friday, February 26th – End of 2nd Trimester
Wednesday, March 2nd – Early Release
Friday, March 4th – Report Cards Sent Home

Mrs. Buesking