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Update 12/13/21

Hi Families!

Quick notes to know:


  • 12/17 Virtual Music Assembly, Winter Party, Early Release (snunch)
  • Please send Party donations no later than 12/17/21 a.m. Thank you! 
  • 12/20/21-1/2/22 Winter Break
  • 1/3/22 School resumes- Happy New Year! 


  • Thank you to everyone for your donations to our holiday party! The students are going to be thrilled. On 12/17/21 your student may wear PJs (school/weather appropriate), and bring in a small/medium stuffed animal (no larger than a pillow case).  We will have a movie with popcorn, and later play a game, make a craft and have treats. Please send in a snunch this day but keep in mind there will be lots of treats as well.  
  • This newsletter contains information for this week and the week we return following winter break (Jan. 3rd). My next newsletter will be out on Monday January 10th. 
  • Mrs. Crothers and I wanted to wish everyone a wonderful winter break and a happy and healthy New Year!  May your winter break be filled with precious family moments and lots of joy! See you next year!  



Reading and Writing,  

Spelling will pause this week due to the early release and party. We will resume our normal spelling groups on the week of January 3rd. Students should follow the normal homework schedule the week we return from winter break. 

In writing,

We are writing on an informational essay on ways to help the earth. This will be an essay with an introduction, conclusion and 3 body paragraphs. Students will continue working on the phases of writing, including research, brainstorming, graphic organizing, writing a rough draft, editing and a final draft. We will continue working on this following winter break, and the final draft is due January 7th.

In reading, some students are still wrapping up their final project on Underworlds, The Battle Begins. This project concluded our novel study.  

We are also continuing our informational unit. This week we are reading articles on winter holidays around the world. Students will apply their recent lessons to identify main idea and write an informational summary of the text. They will also write on their own personal holiday traditions.  

When we return, we will read an informational article on New Year’s resolutions. We will discuss the importance of setting goals. Then, students will complete projects to set their own goals for the New Year! 

3rd grade Math,  

We are finishing Unit 3, a unit on adding and subtracting multi digit numbers.  Our unit 3 assessment is planned for Thursday, 12/16/21.  

A study guide was sent home on Wednesday 12/8 and is due Wednesday 12/15. We will review several addition and subtraction skills on Monday and Tuesday. Then, On Wednesday we will review the completed study guide. Thursday will be our unit 3 assessment that focuses on addition strategies, subtraction strategies, rounding and word problems.  

Upon our return to school in January, we will start unit 4. Unit 4.  This unit begins with measurement concepts and skills. Students tell time to the minute and solve elapsed time problems. Then the class discusses the need for measuring by reading a book about the biggest, tallest, and fastest animals in the world. At the end of the first module, students estimate, measure, and compare the masses of different objects. In the second module, students work with volume and solve measurement-related story problems. The third module introduces them to fractions, using several different models to build, compare, and investigate the relationships among unit and common fractions. A short project at the end of the unit brings it all together, as students measure lengths to fractions of an inch and display measurement data on line plots.


4th grade math,  We will be moving into Module 2 of Unit 3.  In this module, the geoboard is assigned a value of 1.  Students name fractional parts of the geoboard and describe the parts’ relationships to one another.  Their observations are then extended into comparing fractions with unlike numerators and denominators, and adding fractions with like denominators.  The last three sessions feature an extended problem-solving opportunity followed by a math forum, as well as two new Work Places that provide practice with composing and decomposing fractions.


Science/Social Studies,  

Students will be working on a science unit on sound. We will work on sound until winter break. We will most likely be continuing sound after winter break. Students will learn about how the ear works, how sound travels, and what different sounds are. They will also experiment with sound and hearing. 

We are continuing phenology and solo spots, alternating each week. Please make sure your student is prepared to be outside on a regular basis with warm outdoor clothing. 


I hope you have a wonderful break!