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Update 12/13/20


Hi Families!

Quick notes to know:

  • 12/17 Assembly
  • 12/18 Early Release 1 p.m., Classroom party 
  • 12/21/20-1/1/21 Winter Break
  • 1/4/21 School Resumes
  • 1/14/21 Materials Exchange 
  • 1/15/21 Early Release
  • 1/18/21 No School- 


Homework Calendar LINK

Powerschool link



Mrs. Highland has created a winter sing choice board for students to have fun with over break. Please click here to view this. 


The next materials pick up will be on 1/14. I will have a newsletter out the weekend prior for you to have the drop off list.


On 12/18 is our winter party. Several goodies were sent home in the bag, please have your child save these for the party. If your child has allergies or diet restrictions, please preview the treats. Students are encouraged to wear PJS and bring stuffed animals and blankets to school. 


Mrs. Trage and I want to wish you all a wonderful winter break full of special family time and beautiful memories. We hope you also have a happy New Year! 




In Writing, 

We are continuing our persuasive unit. Students will spend this rest of this week self editing and peer editing their turkey persuasive papers. Final drafts are due this week by Thursday, 12/17/20.  Upon our return, we will continue to work on writing prompts that are persuasive or opinion orientated to continue to develop this skill. Students will also be asked to use IXL Language Arts skills for opinion writing.


In Reading, 

We are working on non-fiction text and text features. We will read non-fiction articles both with groups and individually this week and when we return to school. Some of these articles will support our social studies curriculum. Students will also use their interactive notebooks for some of our lessons on non-fiction texts. 


In Math, 

We are finishing Unit 3 which reviews and extends students’ thinking about place value, multi-digit addition and subtraction, and problem solving. This week, students will be finishing Module 4, reviewing the study guide and taking the unit 3 assessment.  The study guide was sent in the last materials pick up. Students are asked to complete numbers 1, 2, 5, 6, 7, 9 and 10 to help them prepare for the unit assessment. They will be given enrichment time Monday and Tuesday to work on this as well. On Wednesday, we will review the study guide as a class and then the unit assessment is planned for Thursday.


Module 4 Exploring the Algorithms for Addition

& Subtraction

The teacher introduces the standard algorithms (also

known as the regrouping method) for addition and

subtraction. Students compare the standard algorithms with other

methods and strategies they have developed and

learned, and consider when they are best deployed.

In Session 5, students take the unit post-assessment.


In January, we will start Unit 4, which focuses on measurement. This unit begins with measurement concepts and skills. Students tell time to the minute and solve elapsed time problems. Students will estimate, measure, and compare the masses of different objects. In module 2, Students will work with volume and solve measurement-related story problems. The third module introduces them to fractions, using several different

models to build, compare, and investigate the relationships among unit and common fractions. 


We are finishing the December number corner this week, which was fraction models. We also were collecting items and weighing their mass in grams. We will finish our collection this week. 


For Science/Social Studies, 

We will be reading about Illinois’ main natural resources and crops. Then, we will be reading chapter 3 in our Illinois book on American Indians. We will continue reading chapter 3 in January. Some of the topics we will learn about, as we move through time,  are Paleo Indians. Archaic Indians, The Hopewell People and Cahokia. 


Ms. Naomi will continue to teach us a special EE lesson each week. 


We will continue participating in phenology and solo spots, alternating each week on Friday afternoons (sometimes other days as our schedule dictates). I am uploading a virtual document to collect photos of their work each Friday for grading purposes. Your student may complete these by going outside in your own yard, or, if this is not possible, by looking out a window at nature. 


I hope you have a wonderful week!