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Update 11/30/20


Hi Families!

Quick notes to know:

  • 12/8 PBIS lesson 
  • 12/11 Materials Exchange 
  • 12/17 Assembly
  • 12/18 Early Release, Classroom party 
  • 12/21/20-1/1/21 Winter Break
  • 1/4/21 School Resumes


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I wanted to thank everyone for their time during conferences, it was great to meet with you and discuss student goals for trimester 2! I also am very appreciative of the delicious lunches the class treated me to during conferences. It was such a nice and delicious treat, thank you so much! 


The next materials pick up will be on 12/11. I will follow up with a separate email communication next week regarding materials to turn in. As of right now, I know for sure students will need to turn in the remainder of The Chocolate Touch packet, The Chocolate Touch illustration, the turkey persuasive packet and rough draft and the read to self loan book. As we get nearer to the date (12/11) I may have additional items to add on, so I will be sure to communicate those with you next week. Thank you so much for your support! 




In Writing, 

We are continuing our persuasive unit. We will be finishing our rough drafts of our turkey persuasive this week. Students will write a formal introduction, 2 body paragraphs supporting their opinion and a formal conclusion. Students will walk through these steps this week, as well as, write each piece. As they complete their rough draft on paper, we will be completing the final draft onto a google document. We will finalize the google document next week, as students edit their work Following this, we will work on writing prompts that are persuasive or opinion orientated to continue to develop this skill. 


In Reading, 

We are completing The Chocolate Touch. We will work through the vocabulary and comprehension questions of the packet, as well as, read the final section of the novel, chapters 10-12. Once completed, students will make an illustration of their favorite scene from the book. They will refer to the page number the scene took place, quote 3 sentences of the story and provide one sentence explaining why it is their favorite part. Next week, we will focus on an informational article, called “Why Live Near a River?” This article explains why some people of the past chose to live near water sources such as rivers. This article will support our social studies curriculum (in the future), as well. We will also continue to work on cursive, spelling and typing.


In Math, 

We are continuing Unit 3 which reviews and extends students’ thinking about place value, multi-digit addition and subtraction, and problem solving. Over the next two weeks, students will be working on Modules 2 and 3.  There will also  be a checkpoint during each module. 


Module 2, Module 2 Multi-Digit Subtraction

Students use problem strings, investigations, and

forums to explore and analyze different subtraction

strategies, focusing on finding the difference

and removal. As they develop a repertoire,

students find they can apply much of what they

learned about addition number line strategies to

subtraction on the number line. Emphasis is on

the constant difference strategy, which fosters

flexibility and efficiency.


Module 3 Estimating to Add & Subtract

This module focuses on rounding and computational

estimation. Students use estimating skills to approximate

solutions to problems and determine the

reasonableness of their answers.Session 1 introduces

them to another version of the Round & Add game,

this time rounding 3-digit numbers to the nearest

hundred and comparing the sum of the rounded

numbers to the sum of the actual numbers. Session 2

features a brief review of 3- and 4-digit place value, in

preparation for work in the sessions that follow.


We are finishing our work on the November number corner. Then, we are starting the December number corner. Students will discover daily date markers which focus on fractions and parts of a whole. In our collection, we will be collecting grams, to help students familiarize themselves with this unit of measurement.


For Science/Social Studies, 

We are continuing to read chapter 2 in our Illinois book. Monday, we will finish reading about oceans and continents and start an activity on oceans and continents. We will continue chapter 2, and learn about the state of Illinois, including its climate and natural resources. We will also be working on a state of Illinois map. 


Ms. Naomi will continue to teach us a special EE lesson. She also will be checking up on students’ progress on their EE goal. 


We will continue participating in phenology and solo spots, alternating each week on Friday afternoons (sometimes other days as our schedule dictates). Your student may complete these by going outside in your own yard, or, if this is not possible, by looking out a window at nature. 


I hope you have a wonderful week!