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Update 11/3/19

Hi Families!

Quick notes to know:


  • 11/4 4:00 PM -8:00 PM Chipotle Restaurant Night Gurnee Mills 
  • 11/7 -11/21 Thursdays 3:45-­4:45 p.m. Pokemon Fall Club starts
  • 11/8 Bean Soup day- please bring in a bowl/mug and spoon
  • 11/11/19     8:15 a.m. Veterans Day assembly
  • 11/14/19 MPAC  Mawlid & Literacy Night
  • 11/15/19 End of 1st Trimester, Conferences Sign-Ups will be sent out around 4 p.m.
  • Thursday, December 5th 3:45­ -5:30 pm (one time club)  Frozen 2 fan Club
  • Thursday, December 12th 3:45­ -5:30 pm (one time club) Winter Craft Club



  • Thank you so very much for all of the wonderful volunteers who donated time and supplies for a very successful Halloween party! The students really enjoyed themselves! 
  • We are finishing our career essays this week. It is very helpful if you are able to send in articles or books from the library about their topic. We are finishing the essay this week. 
  • Friday we are cooking a soup with the beans students have planted and harvested. Students should bring in a bowl or mug and a spoon on 11/8. Additionally, we will need double of the following ingredients sent in on Friday morning:
    • 3 carrots, diced (about 1 1/2 cups)
    • 2 stalks celery, diced (about 1 cup)
    • 1 onion, diced (about 1 1/2 cups)
    • 3 cloves garlic, minced
    • 1/2 tsp sage, such as dried sage
    • 4c vegetable broth
    • salt and pepper to taste

Please Sign up here (sign up genius) if you are able to send in one of the ingredients listed (no later than November 8th a.m.).  Thank you for your help! *If your student cannot have the soup due to the ingredients listed above (and beans from our garden), please let me know. 



Reading and Writing,  

This week we have our normal spelling groups. Students should follow the normal homework schedule. 


In writing we are continuing our career essay. Students will be finishing their informational essays on a career they are interested in or curious about. We have had lessons on how to structure an informational essay, what information to research, how to write an introduction, and our first two subtopics. Subtopics on the subject are: schooling/training, licensure or certification necessary to work the job, and what the job entails. Fourth graders will also be asked to research statistics on employment of the career, future forecasts of employment (i.e. shortages in this area?) and average salaries. 


We will have a lesson this week on the conclusion paragraph. Students should be finishing their rough draft and moving into editing this week. Students should be prepared to finish this essay by the end of this week, or at latest, the start of next week. Students who are behind in the essay, will be given some time during daily 5 to work on their essay as well. However, students may be asked to work on it at home if it won’t be finished by Monday 11/11.


Students who have not finished their final draft of a personal narrative will also be asked to finish this up during daily 5 time. 


We are continuing our chapter book studies. The third graders are reading, “The Chocolate Touch” and the fourth graders are reading, “Underworlds, The Battle Begins.” Students will read these independently, as well as, with the teacher and in a group at times. We will complete many activities with these books over the next few weeks that will broaden our vocabulary and strengthen our comprehension. Students will also apply previously learned comprehension strategies to the books as they read. This unit will continue to span at least the next two weeks.


This week we will learn about Veteran’s day and complete a short writing activity thanking Veterans.


We will be working on identifying the setting of a story. Then, over the next two weeks we will be focusing on the plot of stories. Students will learn about story arcs, and then will work on identifying the story arcs in stories as a group, during listening center and while reading on their own. In listening center, students will also listen to a song that identifies the main parts of a story plot/arc. 


3rd grade Math,  

We have started Unit 3. We will finish module one this week and then start module 2.  Module two focuses on Multi-Digit Subtraction. Students use problem strings, investigations, and forums to explore and analyze different subtraction strategies, focusing on finding the difference and removal. As students develop a repertoire, students find they can apply much of what they learned about addition number line strategies to subtraction on the number line. Emphasis is on the constant difference strategy, which fosters flexibility and efficiency. 


4th grade math,  

Please see Mrs. Ottaviani’s website for 4th grade math information and updates.


Science/Social Studies,  

Students are finishing their science unit on light. Students will be finishing their light mazes on Tuesday, with a unit assessment to follow on Wednesday, 11/6. A study guide will be sent home Monday. Our next unit will span approximately 2 weeks and will be focusing on Magnets. Students will learn how to determine cause and effect relationships of electric or magnetic interactions between two objects not in contact with each other. Students will also learn about the earth’s magnetic forces and how compasses work. 

We are continuing phenology and solo spots, alternating each week. Please make sure your student is prepared to be outside on a regular basis. 


I hope you have a wonderful week!