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Update 11/16/20


Hi Families!

Quick notes to know:


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I wanted to let everyone know that we are going to do a food drive at the next materials pick-up in time for Thanksgiving. It has come to the attention of PCCS that one of our local food pantries, Avon Township, has had to turn families away due to lack of donations. 


If you are able to donate anything, it is welcomed at the next materials exchange on 11/20. We will have boxes near the bag drop off area. Please be sure to check expiration dates because the food pantry will not accept expired items. PCCS will be holding a friendly competition by class. Whichever class has the most participants will be getting a prize to be determined at a later date. Thank you for considering this outreach opportunity!


For the 11/20 Materials Pick-Up, we are asking students to return: 

    • Any donations for the Winter party and food donations- all optional!
    • The Chocolate Touch packet pages 10 and 11 – Understanding the story and Chapter Summary
    • Personal Timeline
    • Fairytale Birth Certificate
    • The read to self book that was loaned out
    • Possibly the Turkey persuasive paper- depends on our progress during the week



Please make sure your child’s first and last name are on each of the pages, as well as, “Larson.” Then, please place them inside the materials pick up and drop off folder your child labeled and then place the folder into the materials bag and return on 11/20.  Thank you so much for your support! 


In third grade, the grades are all developmental. It is very common for students to have many skills/standards that are still developing. At the beginning of third grade, as well as, when the year progresses and expectations for understanding are higher. This year is especially true with skills missed in the spring and e-learning. Below is the grading scale you will see on the report card.

EE- Exceeds Expectations of the skill or concept for the grade level at this time in the year

CD- Consistently Displays the skill or concept for the grade level understanding for this time in the year

D- Developing the skill or concept, has some understanding but it is still developing for this grade level at this time in the year

E- Emerging the skill or concept mastery is starting to emerge for this grade level at this time in the year


Parent Teacher Conferences will be held virtually on Monday, 11/23 from 2:00-7:00 p.m. and, Tuesday, 11/24 from 2:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.  In third grade, parent-teacher conferences are student attended. When you sign up for a time please choose a time that you and your child are available. I will be doing conferences via Zoom, please use the Larson zoom classroom. Conferences are 15 minutes long, please be on time to respect everyone’s time. I will let you in from the zoom waiting room when your time begins. If you have not signed up yet, please CLICK HERE to do so. Thank you! 




In Writing, 

We are continuing our persuasive unit. We will be working on developing an essay on eating turkey at Thanksgiving. Students will learn facts and sort them. Then write a paper representing their opinion on turkey as the main dish for Thanksgiving. If we are able to complete this essay, I would like it turned in on 11/20. If we are not, then I will extend the project to the week following Thanksgiving break and we will continue working on it then.  During the week of Thanksgiving, we will work on a fun roll a story featuring Thanksgiving characters. 


In Reading, We will work on cursive, spelling and typing. We will listen to and rate some of the Monarch and Bluestem nominated books. Then, we are continuing our novel study on “The Chocolate Touch.” We have completed chapters 4-6  and will continue onto chapters 7-9. Students will be read to and assigned to read on their own specific pages. As we work through the book they will also answer questions about what they have read. Sometimes we will work together as a group on this, and sometimes students will need to answer the questions on their own. We will also work on the skill retelling (Jabber the reteller) and learn the retell strategy of: Somebody Wanted But So Then.


In Math, We are Starting Unit3. Unit 3 reviews and extends students’ thinking about place value, multi-digit addition and subtraction, and problem solving. In the

first module, students are introduced to the idea of rounding 2- and 3-digit numbers to the nearest ten and the nearest hundred. We will be working on module 1 up until the Thanksgiving break. The week of Thanksgiving we will also be completing some fun Thanksgiving math. The week of Thanksgiving we will also be completing some fun Thanksgiving math. Some additional module 1 information:

Unit 3, Module 1 Rounding & Multi-Digit Addition

This module focuses on rounding, estimation,

and multi-digit addition. Students are introduced

to the concept of rounding 2- and 3-digit

numbers to the nearest ten or the nearest hundred.

Two new Work Places, Round Ball Tens and

Round Ball Hundreds, provide opportunities to

practice the skill. A third new Work Place, Round

& Add Tens, helps students begin to understand

how rounding can help them approximate

solutions to problems as well as determine the

reasonableness of their answers.


We are continuing our work on the November number corner. The November number corner focuses on area, while reinforcing multiplication skills. In our collection, we will have a fraction race. As we spin random amounts of fractions, they will race to build whole numbers on a number line. We will also listen to books and educational videos to learn more about area, perimeter, and fractions.


For Science/Social Studies, 

We are reading chapter 1 in our Illinois book and have learned about history as well as primary and secondary sources. Students will continue to learn about primary and secondary sources and complete an assignment identifying examples of each. At the end of chapter 1, we will also explore the concept or fact or opinion, point of view and fiction or nonfiction sources. Then we will start chapter 2. In the beginning of chapter 2, we will learn about continents, oceans and the state of Illinois as a location. We will read about these concepts, as well as, complete some activities to reinforce and build understanding. We will be continuing this after the Thanksgiving break, as well. 


Ms. Naomi will come and teach a special EE lesson on . Students will learn how everything on the earth is connected and interdependent. She will also teach how there are consequences when relationships become unbalanced. 


We will continue participating in phenology and solo spots, alternating each week on Friday afternoons (sometimes other days as our schedule dictates). Your student may complete these by going outside in your own yard, or, if this is not possible, by looking out a window at nature. 


I hope you have a wonderful week!