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Update 10/18/20


Hi Families!

Quick notes to know:

  • 10/21 Early Release
  • 10/23 Materials drop off and pick up 3:00-4:00 p.m. * There will be Halloween party supplies in this pick up. 
  • 10/29 Virtual Field Trip
  • 10/30 Halloween virtual party/parade- more details to follow when available



 Thank you so much for the beautiful thank you notes and cards. Mrs. Trage and I were so touched by the kind words and beautiful decorations! It was a very thoughtful gesture and is much appreciated!


Mrs. Trage and I are so excited about our school-wide Green Challenge of “More Green, Less Screen.” We hope you are able to embrace it in your homes. We will also be incorporating into our lessons the Green Challenge of “More Green, Less Screen.”



For the 10/23 Materials Pick-Up, we are asking students to return: Math Student Book pages 45-46, 49-50, the home connections pages 27-28, 29-30, and the read to self book that was loaned out. Please make sure your child’s first and last name are on each of the pages, as well as, “Larson.” Then, please place them inside the materials pick up and drop off folder your child labeled and then place the folder into the materials bag and return on 10/23.  There will be Halloween party supplies in this pick up, please make sure to set these aside for our upcoming Halloween party. Thank you so much for your support! 


In Writing, 

We are working on learning how to write good pieces of writing. Students are focusing on writing techniques such as telling a story bit-by-bit. We are also focusing on creating vivid writing pieces and using sensory details in our writing. Once we have learned more about these skills and practiced on a few short writes, students will write a piece about something that happened to them using vivid language and telling the story bit-by-bit. We will also continue to use and our hand of writing books.


In Reading, We are continuing working on each comprehension skill from the necklace over time. We recently started a lesson on the skill of visualization. We will continue to work on the skill of visualization, which helps students comprehend the text, especially as they prepare to read lengthier more text heavy books. We will continue to review and use this skill. Our next skill we will work on is Inference. Students will learn about the comprehension skill inferring; using the author’s words and their own background knowledge. As we work on these skills, we will be starting a novel study on “The Chocolate Touch.” Students will be read to and assigned to read on their own specific pages. As we work through the book they will answer questions about what they have read. 


In Math, We are continuing Unit 2, module 2 and will be moving toward module 3.  In module 2 we are finishing: 

 Module 2 Multiplying with Number Lines & Arrays

Students solve number line puzzles, and

they investigate arrays as they help a window washer

count window panes. In Sessions 3 and 4, students explore

doubling, using partial products, and making use of

5s and 10s facts. In the final session, they move from

the discrete array structure of the paned windows to a

contiguous array of mailboxes.

We will also start module 3, which focuses on:

Ratio Tables & the Multiplication Table

Module 3 builds on students’ existing skills and focuses

on new ways of seeing multiplication. Students solve

story problems and generate a list of strategies they

have learned so far. 


We are continuing to work on and will be finishing up the October Number Corner which introduces 2 dimensional shapes. Throughout the number corner we will be learning about angles, shape attributes and lines of symmetry. We will also be collection milliliters in our liquid volume collection throughout the month. Through this collection, we will be able to learn more about liquid volume standard units. 


For Science/Social Studies, we are continuing working on science and are in the unit of Illinois ecosystems. Over this week, we are completing the wetland unit with a short research project. Students will complete an informational slideshow about their wetland animal. On 10/29 we will have a virtual field trip on animal adaptations. Students will also write a personal birth certificate and personal timeline as we learn about documenting history. This will segway into a later part of the unit on early Illinois history.


We will continue participating in phenology and solo spots, alternating each week on Friday afternoons (sometimes other days as our schedule dictates). Your student may complete these by going outside in your own yard, or, if this is not possible, by looking out a window at nature. 


I hope you have a wonderful week!