Trash-Free Lunch Ideas

Would you like some ideas for how to pack a trash-free lunch?

Our students watched the following video (made by kids) to see how they are already packing a trash-free lunch and other ways to prevent waste.

Click here to see the video about trash-free lunches.

Afterwards, the class pulled out some of the differences they noticed:

Wasteful                                                            Trash-Free

Paper bag                                                             Reusable lunch bag
Plastic bags                                                             Reusable containers
Using bag once                                                       Wash and reuse
Plastic water bottle                                                Reusable bottle
Applesauce (plastic container)                            Apple (fresh produce – no trash)
Little/individual bags                                           Big value bag

Students noticed the importance of reusable items and products that have less packaging. Our class has done a great job with this already! Way to go PCCS parents! 🙂

Mrs. Buesking