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The week of 3/16

Dear Families, 

We wanted to let you know that you are first and foremost on our minds. We want to reassure students that life will resume back to normal soon, and this is just a temporary situation meant to help keep everyone healthy and safe. 

During this week that precedes spring break, your teachers are still working hard and developing future learning units and opportunities to be used when school resumes. 

While the use of e-learning has not been implemented during this week’s emergency days (typically reserved for snow or cold) our district is using, we recognize there is a desire for educational guidance for your children at home. We want our students still learning! So I am offering guidance to complete these optional activities to utilize during this week’s emergency days:

  • Complete your Leprechaun trap and write a story about a leprechaun finding and using it. If you email me a photo of your trap- I will post them this week on the website. 
  • Read everyday, use Raz kids to find new books or see if your library offers e-checkouts.
  • Play outside or get exercise everyday.
  • Complete a solo spot, make sure to listen to and observe carefully nature and make a very detailed sketch, zoom in on at least one aspect and use labels. Spring has sprung! Look for signs of spring in nature.
  • Use IXL to work on:
    • Math- multiplication, division, geometry, fractions, measurement
    • Language Arts- Grammar and mechanics, and writing strategies.
  • Use this link to take practice IAR computer tests. The test will score at the end (except for extended answers)- review any questions that were scored as being incorrect, as well as, the unscored extended answers.
  • Study your geography. We will resume quizzes on U.S. geography when school resumes. Our first quiz will be on the Midwest region, once school resumes. Eventually all 5 regions of the U.S. will be covered and quizzed.  3rd graders need to know all the states and the major bodies of water (main rivers and large lakes). 4th graders need to know all the states, the capitals and major bodies of water (main rivers and large lakes).
  • Practice on
  • I have also listed in links (on the right hand side of the webpage) some resources for what to do when you are home during this time. 

Stay healthy and safe, 

Mrs. Larson and Mrs. Trage