SS Update

The students came up with some amazing Stonehenge poems to wrap up our Bones & Stones unit.  We will be working on the Bones & Stones Final Assessment on Monday (Spoonemore’s class) and Tuesday (Hershiser’s class).  This assessment involves writing answers to a variety of factual and opinion questions.  The students will have the entire SS class time to work on it (45 minutes).  What they do not finish will be homework due on Monday, November 30th.  Our next unit will be EMPIRES and this unit will involve an in-depth study of Mesopotamia.  In EMPIRES, students will learn about the ancient civilizations of the Fertile Crescent, and apply what they learn to create their
own empires. As members of clans, they will learn the basic elements of civilization, then work cooperatively to increase their clan’s wealth and power. They will compete with other clans and make strategic decisions in response to Fate situations. As they participate, students will create a variety of projects that reinforce their understanding of achievements that led to the development of civilization.  Strategic planning and cooperative decision making will enhance high levels of critical thinking throughout the unit.