SS Update

Since coming back from spring break, we’ve ended our Egypt unit and have moved on to Ancient Greece.  Each student was assigned to a polis (city-state).  Ask your student if they are part of Athens, Sparta, Corinth, Megara, or Argos.  The students prepared an excellent presentation on what makes their polis special and unique without revealing any confidential information to the other poleis.  We also made banners for our polis and name tags with our Greek names.  The students took an assessment over the Going Greek section of the unit and did a wonderful job.  We are now in the Academy section of the unit where the students have been learning about what school was like in Ancient Greece and how social classes were different.  The students in each polis were numbered off 1-5 and each student read a different Greek Historical essay.  We then gathered with the other members of our polis to teach them about the essay we read.  This was a great jigsaw activity and a good way to practice our note-taking skills.  We will continue to talk about social classes and trade this week.  The students will take another assessment (open notes) on Thursday to wrap up the Academy section of our Greek unit.