SS Update

We have traveled through the 6th and 5th cataracts and are now ready to begin the 4th cataract in our Ancient Egypt Unit.  The students took fabulous notes about mummification, Egyptian Gods, and the Book of the Dead.  Our Sarcophagus game went very well.  I was impressed to see the students using their notes to answer the questions and move their nome towards the heart of the mummy.  The Memphis nome won in both SS classes!  The students earned 20 points for each question they answered correctly and the Memphis nome got an additional 200 points for being the first to reach the heart of the mummy.  This week we will be working on Egyptian style art registers.  Each nome will get an Egyptian myth that they will have to depict using pictures, character dialogue that will be translated into hieroglyphs, and a poem that will be translated into hieroglyphs.  Each nome will present their work during the week of 2/22.  We will also be entering the 3rd cataract that week where we will be learning more about Ancient Egyptian pyramids.  During the week of 2/29 the students will be assigned their Ancient Egyptian God for the Wax Museum.  Each student will make their own mask using plaster of paris and decorate it to look like the Ancient Egyptian God that they were assigned.  If your student plans to use more than just construction paper and paint (beads, sequins, jewels, etc.) they will need to bring these items from home.  Mr. Thomas will be helping the students decorate their masks during art class and the students will have time in SS to decorate as well.  The Wax Museum will be taking place the week before spring break.   More details about the Wax Museum will be included in the next update 🙂