SS Update

We will be wrapping up our Empires Unit on Mesopotamia in the next two weeks.  The students have been working very hard on their tasks in hopes of achieving “Empire” status for their civilizations.  They’ve also been doing some challenges where they’ve learned about Assyrian weapons, crimes/penalties during the time of ancient Mesopotamia, Artisan pottery, and much more.  On Friday, each civilization will be dealing with their biggest challenge yet…..building a Ziggurat out of playing cards.  The students cannot cut, glue, tape, or bend the cards in any way.  They will be given 20 minutes to construct the tallest Ziggurat.  The students have been asked to bring decks of playing cards from home so that each civilization will have 3 decks of playing cards.  Rest assured that the cards will not be damaged in any way 🙂  Our next unit on Ancient Egypt will be starting the week of January 17th.