SS: Bones and Stones Introduction

We just started our new unit, Bones & Stones, last week.  Throughout this unit, students will learn what it was like to live in prehistoric times.  Each class has a clan name and 7 bands that make up that clan.  Mrs. Spoonemore’s clan name is the Mammoths and Mr. Hershiser’s clan name is the Spirits.  The students will be working in bands of 3-4 students throughout the course of this unit.  The bands started creating their handshake, greeting grunt, banner, and decorated folder.  Each student also picked his/her Bones & Stones name last week.  Be sure to ask your student what their Bones & Stones name is.  This week the bands will be creating their totem badges that they will wear everyday to SS class.  The totem badge will consist of their Bones & Stones name, some things that are important to their band, and individual strengths.  They will earn Survival Stones for completing assignments throughout the unit.  They will be creating their Survival Stones bag this Friday during Primitive Day.  On Primitive Day, the students will be sewing bags, practicing spear throwing, practicing bow and arrow, creating a fire using flint and steel, and cave painting.