Solo Spots

We are hoping that the nice weather holds for as long as possible, because it is giving us the opportunity to go to Solo Spots. Our Solo Spots are at Prairie Smoke Pond.

The students have been very creative with their writing! Here is an example of the great pieces they are producing:


So nice and Sunny

Life was abuzz from atop

to down below

But thats all gone now

Silence fills the air

Clouds are all you can see

Sun was out all day

and “all night”

The days were long

and warm

But that’s all gone now

Days are short

and cold

Sun is barely out

No school insight

go places every day

and night

That’s all gone


School buses come and


No places to go during day

or night

Trees were full of color

Skies were too

But that’s all gone now

Trees silent and dull

Skies are gray

Summer is gone now

Fall has taken her place

~ Jamille Binuya