Solo Spots

Solo Spots

One of the new things first graders experience here at PCCS is Solo Spots.   You may be wondering what exactly Solo Spots are.  That is what this blog entry is all about.

Solo Spots are a time for the student to go out and enjoy nature as well as honing their observational skills.  At the beginning of the year, the class picks a spot they would like to like to explore for the year.  We then go out to that spot and each student finds picks a spot within that area they think would be good to explore.  They will come back to that spot week after week during all of the seasons in order to observe all the changes that may be happening.  The students pick a spot that is confortable and interesting to them.  They may use sit-upons to help them make it more comfortable.  Once that spot is chosen, they will not change it unless there are some extenuating circumstances.

There are three main rules for solo spots.  The students are to be silent, still, and seated.  They are silent so they can better observe the nature around them.  Being still means they are not getting up and walking around.  They are focusing on their spot.  Being seated also helps in the observations.

Sometimes when the students go out to Solo Spots, there are prompts given by the teacher.  They may be asked to focus in on one thing at their spot, to draw a map of their spot, or something along those lines.  Other times, they may be asked to write a poem about the spot or make a list of describing words about their spot.  At other times, they are allowed to do a free write or free draw.

The students voted to have their Solo Spots out at Prairie Smoke Pond this year.  We went out with Ms. Naomi and they all picked their spots.  It will be very interesting to see where this goes for them.  We are all excited to see the growth they show in their nature journals this year!