Smisking Post – Afternoon Updates


Students are transitioning into informational writing this trimester. To get us started, we first looked at opinion writing (leading to a discussion about the difference between fact and opinion). Students used a basic structure to form their writing. It included introducing the topic, stating their opinion, giving three reasons as support, and wrapping up the piece by re-stating their opinion.

Next we dove into creating examples of facts and opinions, using an online Jeopardy game to see if we could tell the difference! Students worked in table groups to come up with a combination of five statements, including some facts and some opinions. These sentences were used to create the Jeopardy game, so it was their own creation. The class had a great time working in groups to make a distinction between the facts and opinions their classmates created.


We will be starting up a new sort this week! Words will be posted by Monday afternoon after students have created our new spelling group names.




We have had a blast in science since starting the unit on light and sound! Students had a hands-on experiment that explored how sound is created thought vibrations, and that can create some movement. In this case, students saw the movement of water as a result of its contact with a tuning fork. We tried two different tuning forks, identified similarities and differences between them, and recorded the results. It definitely made a splash!

Then, students saw how a ruler could be made into a musical instrument. Once again through vibrations, we could explore sound. Students placed the ruler over the edge of the table and gently pressed down and let go. The vibrations made a fun sound as the rulers sprung back up! They then saw how the sound and vibrations changed when less of the ruler hung over the edge of the table.

We will continue to see the connections between vibrations and sound in the coming week. Don’t forget to have your student bring in a toilet paper tube to school by Wednesday, December 10th!

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