Siwy Math

The past few weeks in math we have been working on variables and patterns.  The students are learning what variables are and how we use them in expressions and equations.  We have also been working on solving equations with one operation and how to graph equations.  Last Monday the students took a math practice PARCC test.  After they were finished we had a brief discussion about what they found difficult on the practice test.  We also played variables and expressions BINGO has a pre-assessment to see what the students already knew about variables.  If you are looking for a way to help your student practice math in a fun way, ask him/her about Front Row Ed.  Each student has their own account on this app where they can fine tune their skills in each domain of the Common Core Standards.

Over the next few weeks we will be finishing up investigation 3 and 4 in the variables and patterns unit.  These investigations deal with relating variables with equations and working with expressions, equations, and inequalities.  The investigation 3 quiz will be Friday, February 20th.  The unit test will most likely be the first week of March.