September 2, 2016 Kindergarten Newsletter

Kindergarten Newsletter

September 2, 2016

Dear Parents,

Important Dates:

Tuesday, September 6 – Kindergarten Curriculum Night 6:00-7:00pm.  We will meet in Mrs. Berger’s classroom, Room 13, Comstock building for a presentation about our curriculum.  This meeting is for parents only.  Hope to see you.

Wednesday, September 7 – Early Release   (Car Pool will be lengthy with all students released at 1:00pm)

Our Week at a Glance August 29-September 2


In math we are learning about “placement”, where something is located.  The key vocabulary words are; above, below, beside, in front, right and left,  behind and next to.

Social Studies

“Where are We” was the focus in Social Studies.  This was a nice extension of our math focus this week.  The students brought home their Social Studies flyer to share with you.  


We have exercised our finger muscles and learned about big line, little line, big curve, small curve.  We have a new favorite song – “Where do we start our letters, at the top” Our first letters that we have focused on is the Upper case “F”, “E” and “D”.  We will be learning more letters this week along with continued practice of writing our name on expo boards.

Jolly Phonics

We have learned the sounds of many of the letters and continue to practice them daily during our morning meeting. We have also practiced separating the beginning sounds of words. You can practice while you are driving to school!  


We have learned about Read to Self/Reading Stamina.  We can sit and read to self for 18 minutes while staying in one place and reading quietly!  Our goal is 20 minutes.  This is one of the Daily 5 categories. We have read many books and the class particularly loves books by the author Mo Willems.  

Environmental Education

We have had our second nature walk.  This week we returned to the Wetland habitat to observe the environmental community of animals that live in the Wetland.  Ms. Naomi used a net to catch creatures living in the water and placed them in a microscope cup so that we could look at them and sketch a picture of what we discovered. We found a small frog, nymphs, water beetles and lots of snails.  We also worked in our classroom gardens. We water our new wheat seeds daily and have watched them grow.  As of today our wheat is approximately 2 inches tall!


We had a wonderful time sharing our “All About Me” bags. The students did a great job presenting and respecting each other as they shared the items they brought from home. We learned a lot of interesting things about our new friends..


The moment the Kindergarten Students have been waiting for!  I have attached a homework document with activities to do for the month of September.  Print it out.  At the end of the month return it with your signature.  Your child will receive a small  prize for completing the activities. Please download Trimester 1  high frequency words to use as flash cards.  Practice reading these words.  We will be learning 25 new words every semester. Check the Links for these documents. 

Thanks for reading the newsletter and thanks to Helen Anen (Luke’s mom) for volunteering to be our classroom volunteer coordinator.   Look for emails from her regarding volunteer positions available for you in our classroom.

Have a great weekend,

Mrs. Berger