Sense of Place Journal #2

What would it be like if we only had one small window as our access to the outside world?  We are luck that the school encourages the students to go outside and explore, but what if they were not able to leave the building?  The students were able to reflect on that feeling this morning.  A pair of students each pick a window in the classroom or hallway to observe the outside world as if they were prisoners.  Some students were faced with a wall of white snow.  Others had the chance to observe a grade band leave for a field trip or conduct and activity around the fire pit.

This activity allowed the students to express their thoughts in a very creative manner.  There were some very interesting reasons how the prisoners ended up here (be sure to ask your child the story of how they became a prisoner), but collectively most had the same feelings – cold and confined.  “I am looking out the only window I have.  I see tiny men outside that seem to be building something.” “Feeling the cold breeze slipping under the door and towards my ankles.” “The only light in my cell is coming from a single window…the other prisoners just left to go on a field trip…” “I think it is winter time because its cold in here and there is snow on the ground.” “Hopefully the snow will soon go away and turn into beautiful flowers…”   I’m am sure that the students have a new appreciation of the ability to go outside to explore and the coming of spring.

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