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Remote Learning

More information to come later today or early tomorrow, but the gist is that we will be starting Remote Learning Wednesday April 1st.  Students will be responsible for checking google classroom for their work and completing their assignments.  Students will have a schedule that will give them guidance for when they should be working on which subject and what they should be working on for each subject.

Some keys to success for all students during this time of Remote Learning is to have a space of their own to work, follow a daily routine, and they need to be self directed/ self motivated.

Math groups A & B will continue to work with Eurkea Math program with Khan academy lessons assigned as well.  The main difference is that these Khan Academy lessons will not be optional.  However there will be less assigned each day to give students a better chance to accomplish their work in a timely manner.

Science groups will have to check the daily schedule to see what work has been assigned.  We will start this week by working on the research papers that we started.  Each day students will be responsible for finishing a section of the paper.  After the paper is finished we will be transitioning to something else if we are still doing Remote Learning,

I know that these times are unprecedented in our lifetime, but I know that by working together we can continue to educate our students.