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Remote Learning Info

Hello families,

It will be great to “Zoom” with some of the students today and see your faces. We will answer questions and review expectations for tomorrow, as well as get a chance to catch up on how everyone has been filling their time.

Now, we want to share a few reminders & details for the routine starting tomorrow:

  • Students’ lessons will be on each teachers’ Google Classroom by 9am
    • For parents who are unfamiliar with Google Classroom, your child is quite experienced and may be able to answer your questions. That said, here is a Brief Parent Guide to Google Classroom.
    • Students’ “attendance” is determined by their participation in the activities described in each day’s lesson
  • Mr. Stewart and I will be available on Zoom (the video conferencing app) each weekday at 10:00am to address ELA/SS questions, discuss ideas, etc.
  • Mr. Hershiser and Mrs. Anderson will be available on Zoom each weekday at 9:30 for the same purposes, relating to Math/Science
  • Should you encounter any tech issues that we are unable to assist with, please contact the school’s Technology Help Desk (Mr. Coonan) or call the Prairie Crossing Charter School Office 847-543-9722 and leave a message
  • Here is a link to the updated sample schedule, should students wish to follow it as a guide each day
Last but not least, here is a reminder of the remaining *spirit week* themes:
  • Wednesday 4/1: Jersey Day

  • Thursday 4/2: Twin Day

  • Friday 4/3:  PCCS Hawks Pride Day