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Reading Partners Working Together

Last week, we reviewed and expanded what it is like to work together as reading partners.  We remembered the lesson from Martin Luther King, Jr. that we should work with others along with what we thought would be helpful and not helpful when working with others.  We then discovered these seven different ways we can work together when we are reading together:

  1. We work as a team.
    (We sit EEKK, share a book, and take turns reading [or maybe read together])
  2. We build good habits together.
    (We help each other remember the good reading habits we are learning during reading)
  3. We read together.
    (We can read together or take turns reading.)
  4. We give each other reminders.
  5. We grow ideas together
    (“I never thought about that!”)
  6. We don’t just tell – we HELP!
  7. We do SOMETHING at the end.
    (We can reread a book, retell a book, and share ideas.)

All of these can be used at home, too!