Primitive Day

We had a great week!  We are working on a unit on changes over time in science.  We have been learning about how fossils are made and what the study of fossils can teach us.  The unit will continue next week as well.

Our class has been working hard on creating designs for a new and improved classroom garden.  Our ideas are due Monday on Google Classroom.  With these ideas, we are going to vote as a class and make a final design which we will turn in as a grant application!  We are all working together to complete this application for funding for our classroom garden.

The week was wrapped up with an awesome Primitive Day!  We traveled WAY WAY back to the time of early man to live a day as (s)he might have.  Our day started at the archery field, then moved to the “dark and mysterious” cave for cave painting.  Once we were finished sharing the stories we depicted, we joined Ms. Stefans for sewing! After lunch, we learned the fine art of spear throwing and fire starting!  We had some very successful attempts at all events and even had a few fires started!  See the photos below!


Have a great weekend!

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