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Peace Week (part 1)

Peace Week (part 1)

This week is Peace Week at PCCS, and there is a lot going on!  Please read on to see what we have been doing these first two days of Peace Week.

On Monday, the students came into the classroom to find that the morning question was – What is peace?  For some students, this was an easy question for them.  For others, it was very hard.  We started to explore this question when we went to our Peace Week assembly.  It was encouraging to us to hear it was hard even for the eighth graders to say what peace was.

We came back to the classroom and red the book Peace is an Offering.  We learned some great new vocabulary, but we also learned that peace is something we want to give to others.  We also found we can find peace in several different situations…even ones we thought we might not be able to.  We were then challenged to draw and write about where we find peace, or what we think peace is.  Later on in the day, we were able to see a video with students from another school stating what they thought peace was.  It was great!

When we came in today (Tuesday), the morning question was – What keeps us from peace?  We read the book Peace to explore what we need for peace and what some of those barriers for peace are.  Make sure to ask your student what a barrier is…and what one of the barriers we discussed were.

We then took a half sheet of paper and drew what we thought a barrier to peace in the world was.  We labeled the picture as well.  We’ll be doing something special with this paper tomorrow…

Finally, we also read the book Last Stop on Market Street.  In this book, we read about a grandmother and her grandson riding a bus to help out at a soup kitchen.  It was great because we got to see many different types of people and learn how different people see things differently.  We’ll be using this more tomorrow, as well.