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Parent Virtual Information Letter


Instructional Delivery Remote Learning

Welcome to Third Grade! 

When our school is in phase 4A, B, or C of our remote-learning plan, students may receive all or part of their instruction through live virtual lessons or independent on-line learning activities. Our goal is to provide meaningful, challenging, and engaging learning opportunities for all students that will enable each child to progress academically, whether that child is learning from the classroom or at home. For virtual and in-seat classrooms, students will be participating in whole group, small group and individual instruction with teachers and staff, as well as, expected to complete independent work. Students who receive individualized support will continue to receive equivalent services during remote learning. 

We look forward to partnering with families to ensure academic success for each child in these challenging times. When students are learning outside the classroom, parents and caregivers have an important role to play in supporting attendance and focus, and communicating with staff if they notice their student struggling with an aspect of remote learning. Please do not hesitate to reach out to your child’s teacher if you have concerns.   



A Note from your Teachers

We are so excited to be your third grade teachers! We welcome you to our classroom! We want you to know that you are starting a very special adventure with us this year. It is going to be a year of trying new things, being patient with yourself and believing in yourself as you learn and grow. You will learn so much! ~ Mrs. Larson and Mrs. Trage

Remote Classroom Supplies

Items we provide to you at supply pick-up Monday 8/17: 

  • Chromebook/Charger (Arrangements must be made prior with Kim Disalvo
  • Cursive Book
  • Math Workbooks 
  • Nature Bag 
  • Assignment Notebook
  • Music Interactive Packet
  • Dry Erase Board

Please purchase the following supplies for your student. 

  • Expo marker/eraser 
  • Pencils, Eraser, Sharpener, Coloring pencils, highlighter, markers, red or colored pen.
  • Standard ruler with inches and centimeters
  • 7 Spiral Notebooks/7 folders
  • 1 composition notebook 
  • 1 sketchbook 
  • Glue stick
  • Scissors
  • 5 gallon supply tote for classroom supplies.

*Please Note: Additional items may be needed from the original supply list as the school year progresses.  


Mrs. Larson

Zoom Link: Click Here

Zoom id 884 0688 0166

Password larson18

Mrs. Trage

Zoom Link: Click Here

Zoom id 861 7191 8039

Password Larson 18



Specials Resources

Click this link to take you to the Specials Website! This is where you will find information/homework/assignments for Art, Music, Spanish, PE and Health all in one place! 


Click this link for the Simplified Student Syllabus


Office Hours for Specials will take place daily from 3:00-3:30pm



Mrs. Roman K-4 

Office Hours Zoom Link


Mrs. Klug-Highland K-8 

Office Hours Zoom Link


Mr. Thomas K-8 

Office Hours Zoom Link


Mr. Loustaunau 3-8 

Office Hours Zoom Link 


Expected School Hours & Attendance


Grade Level Minimum Maximum Recommended Length of Sustained Attention
3-5 5 hours / day 7.5 hours / day 40 mins 


Students who are remote learning must follow school schedules to be considered in attendance (virtually) throughout the day and to be counted for full attendance. Parents/Guardians are responsible for reporting student illness or non-attendance in accordance with current Parent/Student Handbook procedures. Failure to attend and/or maintain engagement for more than three days without appropriate communication and approval of excused absence will result in a student being placed on an academic intervention plan. Chronic truancy will be reported as per school policy.

Grading & Homework 

Staff will follow the traditional grading procedures for both On Campus Learning and Remote Learning as outlined in the handbook with modifications as necessary for individual students. Students in both instructional settings will have the same requirements for assignments and due dates unless otherwise determined by the staff. 


In general, homework at the lower grades is minimal. Homework could include any subject and special projects assigned.  At times, children will have unfinished work for homework. 


Grading Scale 

EE : Exceeds Expectations Demonstrates proficiency and applies and/or extends the grade level standard to more challenging subject matter.
CD : Consistently Demonstrates Mastery of the grade level standard has been achieved. Demonstrates proficiency in the essential knowledge and skills of the standard.
D : Developing Partial mastery of the grade level standard. Inconsistently demonstrates proficiency in the essential knowledge and skills of the standard
E : Emerging Basic understanding of grade level standard with assisted support. Experiencing difficulty and does not demonstrate proficiency in the essential knowledge and skills of the standard. 



Larson Third Grade Classroom Schedule 


Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
8:00 Enrichment & Intervention P.E. Enrichment & Intervention Enrichment & Intervention Enrichment & Intervention
8:30 Art Enrichment & Intervention Spanish P.E. Art
9:00 – 9:15 Class Meeting Class Meeting Class Meeting Class Meeting Class Meeting
9:15 – 10:20 Math Math Math Math Math
10:20-10:30 Movement 


Movement Break Movement Break  Movement Break Movement Break
10:30 – 11:15 ELA ELA ELA ELA ELA
11:15-12:15 Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch
12:30 – 1:15 EE  ELA ELA ELA ELA
1:15-2:00 ELA SS/Science SS/Science SS/Science SS/Science
2:00-2:30 P.E. Music Music Spanish Solo Spots or Phenology
2:30-3:00 Enrichment & Intervention Enrichment & Intervention Enrichment & Intervention Enrichment & Intervention Enrichment & Intervention
3-3:30 Office Hours* Office Hours Office Hours Office Hours Office Hours

*Meeting with a teacher during office hours can be arranged by request.

Zoom Expectations 

Zoom Expectations:

We will use the virtual platform “Zoom” for our virtual classroom. 

Remote Classroom Behavior – The following are behaviors and etiquette specific to Remote Learning:

  • Arrive up to three minutes before class time and wait to be admitted 
  • Find a quiet place free of distractions (eg: television and toys).
  • Use their correct name when signing in. 
  • Ready to learn, sitting upright at desk or table. 
  • Maintain respect at all times in speaking, writing, and appearance
  • Stay on mute. Click the “raise hand” button if you would like to contribute 
  • Video needs to remain on to promote focus
  • Eye contact should be maintained 
  • Refrain from chewing gum, eating, or drinking 
  • Stay on task
  • Have classroom materials ready and be dressed for school.


PBIS promotes a safe and caring environment in which students grow and learn. Students will be awarded virtual hawks tickets from teachers as incentive for going above and beyond, as well as, being safe, respectful and responsible. 


Common Grade Technology Platforms 

Our Learning Focuses

Trimester 1:


Reading: We begin our unit of study with reading bootcamp, focusing on the development of positive reading skills. This will incorporate the use of short stories, the study of fairy tales, and a grade appropriate novel. 

  • I can increase my reading stamina while reading to self.
  • I can utilize comprehension strategies while reading and listening to reading.
Writing: We will begin our unit of study by learning about writing fundamentals. Then, we will study informational writing and personal narratives.    

  • I can increase my writing stamina
  • I can utilize technology to write.
  • I can apply grade level grammar and spelling within my writing.
Science/Social Studies: We begin our unit of study with the ecosystems of Illinois: Wetland, Woodland, Prairie. Then, we will study the early prehistoric people of Illinois. 

  • I can identify the plants, animals and features within the wetland, woodland, and prairie.
  • I can compare and contrast the features and life within each ecosystem.
Math: We will begin trimester one with Bridges Unit one which is an overview and review of addition and subtraction. Unit One focuses on addition and subtraction facts to twenty, double digit addition, and story problems and strategies. Unit Two focuses on an introduction to multiplication; it includes multiplication in context, multiplying with arrays and number lines, ratio tables, the multiplication table, story problems with graphs, and multiple operations.

  • I can add and subtract numbers within 0- 20.
  • I can interpret addition and subtraction word problems, and create an equation to solve these.
  • I can understand the context of multiplication.
  • I can use number lines, arrays, ratio tables and the multiplication table to identify a product for a multiplication equation.


Resources for Parents


PCCS Social-Emotional Resources Website


Parent and/or Student Link for Additional Support:

I Need Help

School Day Seating Tips

Link for Student Syllabus