NWEA Testing Next Week

Our homeroom class will be taking the ELA NWEA test on Monday, August 31st from 2-3pm.  ELA make-ups for the 5/6 gradeband will be Friday, September 4th from 2-3pm.

The math NWEA test will be taken with our math classes.  That schedule is as follows:

5th grade Stefans Math–Tuesday, September 1st 9:20-10:20am

5th grade Turner Math–Monday, August 31st 9:20-10:20am

6th grade Hershiser Math–Wednesday, September 2nd 9:20-10:20am

6th grade Siwy Math–Thursday, September 3rd 9:20-10:20am

Math Make-ups–Friday, September 4th 9:20-10:20am